¿Quien es mas macho?

Preamble: I couldn’t make the title of this post a hot link, so please enjoy this link to my pop culture reference. On to our regularly scheduled post.

I had a quick little confirmation in my belief in the power of branding the other day.

My buddy and I do the music at one of the Masses at our parish, and after our soundcheck and warmup a couple of weeks ago, we were standing around in the back room talking, waiting until it was time for Mass to start. We were talking with a guy named Ed, and somehow, the conversation led to my buddy asking me what my middle name was. I said, “It’s Edward.”

Ed liked that, and said, “Hey, good name. I knew there was a reason you were so good-looking.”

I answered, “Yes, but I prefer to be known as ‘Eduardo’.” Of course I pronounced “Eduardo” leisurely and luxuriously, with a heavy Spanish accent, drawing out the “A” and augmenting it with a flourish of my hand.

My buddy asked, “Why?”

I said, “Because doesn’t ‘Eduaaardo’” (with hand flourish once again) “sound so much more exciting and virile and masculine than ‘Ed’?”

As we were laughing at Ed, not with him, a new guy walked up to say hello and join our conversation. The three of us introduced ourselves. Then he introduced himself. In my mind he said this proudly, but he was probably just speaking normally. He did, however, say it with perfect synchronicity. He announced, “I am Eduardo.”

There was no denying the impact. Sometimes it’s all in how you say it.

Keep that in mind when you’re writing your headlines and copy. Every word is important. And from now on, call me Eduardo. Or Da-víd. Either one es bueno.

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