How to Write a Headline (Seriously)

As I’ve threatened for some time, I’m finally getting around to writing my post on how to write a headline. This isn’t one of my typical humor pieces. This is a real overview of how to do it, intended for the beginning copywriter. By the end of it, you’ll be an expert and I’ll be out of a job. But I’m a giver, so for all of you who got an A in English class and always think, “I could totally do that”, I’m pulling back the curtain. Continue reading “How to Write a Headline (Seriously)”

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead…Or In a Meeting

Well, as long as I’ve been talking about Chapman the past couple weeks, I may as well exhaust my arsenal of Chapman stories with this last one.

Let me start by saying my wife thinks I’m sleep-deprived. Maybe I am, but mostly, I think she’s just jealous that I can fall asleep quickly. Continue reading “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead…Or In a Meeting”