Rod Stewart for 20 Bucks!

When you’re a copywriter, you’re responsible for every word on the page or on the screen. Big agencies have proofreaders, but still, you have to think about everything that’s there, and everything that’s not there. Even a single word can change the customer experience. Case in point. I recently bought tickets to see Rod Stewart … Continue reading "Rod Stewart for 20 Bucks!"

No Substitute for Chopsticks

When you work with someone for nearly two decades, you have a lot of stories. At least four or five, anyway. Here’s another one about Joe, and oddly enough, lunch and an Asian restaurateur. And if you think I’m picking on Asians, relax. I’m half-Chinese, so it’s okay. Well, 38% anyway, according to my DNA … Continue reading "No Substitute for Chopsticks"

Dear Apple: I Hate You

My son got a new phone recently. A Samsung S9. (UPDATE: Here’s his review.) And it only served to confirm what I’ve been slowly admitting to myself for a long time now: I’m no longer a fan of Apple. In fact, it’s not only that I think others make better products than Apple (which they … Continue reading "Dear Apple: I Hate You"

The Best Retail Job Ever: Tower Records

I realize Christmas is over (I hope you all had a good one), but I still have retail on my mind. First, a quick lesson on retail advertising, then a story about when I worked retail at Tower Records.

“Oh hi Joe”

I mentioned a couple of posts ago how advertising is one-on-one communication. And how your goal is to connect with your audience on an emotional level so you can begin to establish a relationship. But there is such a thing as being an annoying brand.

¿Quien es mas macho?

Preamble: I couldn’t make the title of this post a hot link, so please enjoy this link to my pop culture reference. On to our regularly scheduled post. I had a quick little confirmation in my belief in the power of branding the other day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gosh, I have so many things to be thankful for, I don’t where to start.