Never Too Late to Make a Second Impression

Brands are like people. You have to like them or you won’t buy from them. But oftentimes, brands are people. Here’s a quick example.

I recently accompanied my wife to the doctor’s office. It was our first time in this office, and when we first walked through the double doors, none of the busy office staff looked up at us.

We walked up to the reception counter and stood there for a moment, ignored. My immediate impression was this was a cold place. I didn’t like it. Therefore, I didn’t like the doctor that we hadn’t yet met.

But then one of the staff finished what she was doing, and just came to life. She turned to us and smiled broadly and welcomed us warmly. This was the most enthusiastic, most energetic and friendliest person on the planet. Seriously, it was amazing. And it was truly sincere.

Of course my attitude changed immediately. I thought she was great, the office was warm and inviting, and the doctor (whom we still hadn’t met) clearly of superior intellect and breeding.

People buy from brands and people that they like. It’s really as simple as that. Yes, the first impression is the most important, but it’s never too late to revamp your image and become the brand or person you want to be.

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