I Don’t Care if He’s Greg Stillson, I’m Voting for Him

I stopped by the dry cleaners the other morning on my way to a gig. On the street that I turned on to head toward the freeway was a group of people holding signs with the name of a local candidate. No idea who the guy was and what he was running for. There was a group on each side of the street, and as I turned, I saw a guy in a shirt and tie who was smiling and waving at me. I figured he must be the man himself, since he was much better dressed than anyone else. We made eye contact, and I smiled and waved back.

On my way home that evening, I got off at an exit about 5 miles from where I had been that morning. Had to go to the best grocery store in the world, Trader Joe’s, to pick up some of the best food in the world, Mandarin Orange Chicken. Quick ADD tangent: Have you ever had the Mandarin Orange Chicken at Trader Joe’s? Duuuuude. Make a pot of rice, add a salad, and use your own sauce. BBQ, pico de gallo, Hatch chile salsa, Ranch dressing, whatever. Man, we could eat that every night.

Anyway, as I was heading up the street and passing through an intersection, I saw the same scenario. Bunch of people holding up the name of a candidate, smiling and waving at cars heading in both directions. But then I realized they were campaigning for the same candidate. And as I passed by the group of people smiling and waving, I saw the exact same guy smiling and waving at me. I smiled and waved back, we made eye contact again, and we both laughed because we recognized each other from that morning.

I don’t know what that guy is running for or what he stands for, but I don’t care if he plans to build nuclear reactors on every beach in San Clemente and tax bacon, I’m voting for him.

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