Is This Thing On?

Here’s something I never thought I’d say: Welcome to my blog.

I’ve never been one for selfies and have never craved the spotlight, and I’ve never thought of myself as someone with much to say. Well, much interesting to say, anyway. Sure, a joke here and there, a snide comment usually, a rant once in awhile. But a full-on, regular blog? Does the world not have enough people demanding the mic? Why would anyone follow this?

I’m going to assume no one would. I’m going to assume the only people who will read this are my Mom and Dad and wife and kids, and maybe not even all of them.

But I like to write, and charitable folks smile indulgently at my jokes and stories on occasion, and people have actually told me I should write a blog, so I’m going to give it a whirl.

What kind of blog should it be? Hey, how about a political one! There aren’t nearly enough political opinions in the world.


Maybe a religious one? Nah, there are plenty of people smarter than I am already doing that.

So maybe I’ll just do my best to make it an oasis of entertainment. A cool breeze in the form of a smile or two. A big plate of steak nachos with Colby Jack cheese and tomatoes and sour cream and real guacamole not the fake kind in the buffet line of life.

And since it’s on my work website, I’ll at least loosely relate it to the advertising biz once in awhile. But mostly I’ll just spew random thoughts and blather on about something or another, just to hear the sound of my own keyboard.

I hope you’re entertained. I hope it sparks a friendly conversation. I hope you laugh.

If not, you can always tell me how boring I am at Thanksgiving. Okay, Mom?

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